Home is the place where you feel the most comfortable. It’s your haven, your hangout, and your retreat.

Your brain feels comfortable there too. The awesome thinking machine that helps you operate at maximum efficiency in the outside world can often go into a sleepy funk when it’s in familiar surroundings. It curls up like an overfed cat in front of the fire and takes it easy. There’s nothing wrong with that. Some of the time, anyway. But it’s probably the reason this whole working-from-home caper is just not working for you.


When your brain goes into auto-snooze while you’re trying to work from home, it can affect your performance and productivity and put you way behind schedule. What you need – what your brain needs – is a change of scenery. A fresh and stimulating working environment. As providers of said scenery change, in the shape of our welcoming and stimulating coworking spaces, we can help you up your output.

Coworking is more than a desk. It is for us, anyway.


What is really important is the sense of community. Like any community, we’re a place where all sorts of different people hang out. Our members are a diverse lot but they have one thing in common:  like you, they need to get stuff done. By surrounding yourself with like-minded people then you can’t help but absorb the energy that our productive space generates. The boredom of your own company dissipates and you feel a vibe you don’t get while working at home. Your brain switches on. You’re ready to work!

Physical remoteness is known to lead to mental isolation, which can stifle innovation and affect your work. What we’re giving you is a place where you can connect, and even collaborate, with others. But that doesn’t mean we’re party animals. Every member of our coworking spaces has a job to do. We’re not always in each other’s pockets but it’s nice to have other humans around while that hard work is happening.

Working at home sounds nice, but it just isn’t for everyone. A lot of our members tell us that. They’re glad they made the switch to the coworking areas we provide. They notice a lift in productivity and performance. Their output is better and their brain is wide awake.

Besides, our after-work drinks on a Friday are better than anything that happens at home.

You should try it. Unless sitting on the sofa with your overfed cat is more your thing.