Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a list of questions we regularly get asked by new clients.

Co-Working Questions

General Questions

If you have a question that hasn't been answered here, you can drop in for a nose around and chat, give us a call or drop us an email at

Co-working Questions

Coworking is distracting. I think I'll get more done at home.

Yeah right! How many times have you looked in the fridge today? We all know if you want to be successful, you need to hang around with successful people – hardly groundbreaking stuff. Coworking is where productive, successful people that are doing cool stuff hang out. Stay home if you want. 

I am a people leader at a big corporate what do I need to know.

Coworking is not going to dilute your business, it’s going to add to it and improve your biggest asset, your employees. Coworking is a community-based business. Our revenue model is memberships the risk is people leave if the community is stale, dull and uninspiring. We are incentivised to keep your staff happy, productive and safe.

I run a big company can I join?

Yes. We can cater for teams and can offer flexible memberships to best utilise the space for what you need. 

I need a space for free for a couple of hours a week can you help?

No, but thanks for asking. Christchurch city library is a beautiful spot. If you’re just a tight arse, go to a local coffee shop and buy a coffee.

I run or work for a charity do you offer any support?

Reach out we’d love to help if we can help with gifting space and access to our community. 

My work hours are pretty weird. Can I have access to space outside traditional business hours?

Yes, with prior arrangement. Our memberships are designed to be as flexible as possible.

I am a mechanic, can I use your space to repair a flux capacitor?

Nope, sorry no room for that carry on Doc.

I am a tattoo artist, Can I tattoo someone in your office?

Depends on what the tattoo is, but nope sorry.

I am a barber and looking for somewhere to work?

Nope, but some of our members could really use your service. 

I'm just in the area can I use the space?

Yes, both Ferrymead and New Brighton have a drop-in day passes available.

My sister's friends brother said that their neighbour said coworking is a waste of time.


Is coworking cheaper than signing up for a 3 - 8-year office lease with OPEX, insurance, power, wifi, cleaning and buying my own furniture?

(sarcastic tone)A wee bit, yes. If you are seriously considering this give us a call before you do or just go to a local coworking space and try it out for a month. That office you are looking at is going nowhere.

I am a born introvert and don't like talking to people, can I still use a coworking space.?

Not all people are worth talking too. Coworking spaces are communities, and for communities to work, we need lots of different types of people to work so yes please join. The extroverts need someone to talk at. 

I've got this great idea for an app, all I need is free space and to drain all your members time, skills, goodwill and kindness. Can I join?

We love startups, but our business uses money to pay bills, not well-intentioned ideas. We have memberships available at a very low entry point.

Do I need to be a genius to join?

Yes, it does help if you want to keep up with the conversations.

Do you have to be a hipster to join?

No, we do have them, but we have a couple of mad bogans too, so it kinda balances it’s self out.

I am a vegan do you have plant-based memberships available?

Hi @something-Vegan, yes, we love plants and have lots of them all over the office.

I am a (insert job title here), and you already have one in your space. I don't think it is a good idea to join.

Coworking sites have multiple members that are doing the same job or work in the same industry. The more, the merrier. Collaboration is fierce at Genius Coworking; we actively encourage it, but that doesn’t mean competition takes a back seat. 

General Questions

I need my privacy, so I can't use a coworking space, I have client meetings and phone calls that I don't want other people to hear.

Open planned offices have been around for a long time. Coworking is designed to get the best use of space for people running businesses. Every business has clients. Everyone talks phone calls. Unless you’re running some sort of sex line, I’m pretty confident you can do it in a coworking space. We have one rule when it comes to phone calls – ‘Don’t be that person’ If you talk on load speaker in the supermarket. Don’t join a coworking space. We also have a number of meeting and acoustic spaces that you can book for “Maxwell Smart” type conversations.

Can I come for a trial?

Yes, of course. One thing to think about is that coworking is a community-based business. The trial is to make sure you are the right fit for our community as much as we are for you.

What do you provide?

We supply you with a work station, power, wifi, printing, scanning and LCD screens on the hot desk area. Break out areas to escape from your screen. A beautiful fully functioning kitchen area with leaners, coffee and cold refreshments. We have phone booths for privacy and meeting areas and board rooms for more formal gatherings. That’s the nuts and bolts of it, but the byproduct of coworking is support, inspiration motivation, networking, friendships and opportunities. 

Do I need to sign up for 1 year? How does it work?

No. Genius Coworking is not a landlord we’re not asking you to sign a lease. 
Our memberships run similar to most subscriptions these days. 

You’re joining a community on a 30-day rolling contract. All we need is 30 days notice to terminate the agreement. 
The only thing we really want your commitment to is getting involved.

I want to join, but my boss is a tight ass.

Tell your boss coworking is like networking on steroids. You’ll get more productive and motivated to stay employed, and the chances are you’ll make more money for the company than they pay to join.

Your boss owes us money now… Seriously happy to chat with them if you want us to.

I love eating old fish can I ?


Do you allow pets in the co-working space?

We have a couple of dogs that hang out in the Ferrymead office. But if it’s a bit stinky or loud, you might get some complaints.

We’ve never had a cat guest before but suppose so. 

We’re going to draw the line at mammals though, no reptiles, amphibians or birds.

Can I leave my stuff in the office?

Permanent members who have their own space can leave stuff at their desk. We do have shelves and lockers available at our locations but if you can take it home, just take it home.

If I leave a dirty plate and mug at my desk like a lazy shit, will you pick it up and clean it for me and put it back where it belongs?


Do you provide tea and coffee?

Yes we have real coffee machine and nespresso POD’s. Because we are good buggars we also provide cold beverages including coke, beer & juice.

Do you have regular networking events?

Yes. We have regular morning teas and after-work drinks on a Friday.

Do you comply with health and safety regulation ?

Yes all members will get an induction and will be schooled on how to sit at a desk like an ergonomic GC.

Is your furniture any good?

It’s pretty flash, top of the line stuff. We have sit-stand desks and ergonomically designed thanks to our partner Ergostyle.

Do you have parking?

Yes, our sites have parking near by both free and paid.

Do I need to make an appointment or can I just show up?

Appointments are always best, but generally, someone will be able to help.

Can I vape in the office?

Nope, you really should quit anyway.

Is there a dress code?

Yes, pink for the girls and blue for the boys.

I am a girl, and I like wearing blue, can I still join?

Yes, we were only joking about the dress code. We do not discriminate. As long as you are dressed, you can use the office.  You don’t really need to wear shoes, to be honest. We’re pretty smart casual, and some are casual-casual, and others get dressed in the dark and come straight to work.

I work for a top-secret government agency and will have highly classified documents detailing highly classified secret stuff. Can I trust you and use one of your amazing spaces?

Yes, Mr Bond, you can trust us! We only profile our members online and advertise their business and services if they want us to.

Do you offer any extra?

Our members are experts in multiple fields, If you need help or business advice, we can point you in the right direction.