Genius Co-working - we're open
Genius Co-working - we're open
Genius Co-working - we're open
Genius Co-working - we're open
Genius Co - New Location
Genius Co - New Location
Genius Co-Working Ferrymead View
Genius Co-Working Ferrymead View
Genius Co-Working Space in Ferrymead
Genius Co-Working Space in Ferrymead
Genius Co-Working Private Meeting Space
Genius Co-Working Private Meeting Space
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About Us

We blur the lines between business and community. We take it personally; that is why we do a great job. 

Renting space is our revenue model, but community is our business. Our coworking spaces are designed and developed to keep evolving to the needs of our members. This keeps us fresh, relevant, and on our toes.

The Perks

laptop lifting off with internet strength
a podium with display behind
Event Hosting
4 people talking in a meeting
Meeting Rooms
a very tidy desk with computer
Open Plan Office
Ergonomic Seating
awesome community
co-working community events
free refreshments
24hr access
you own dedicated lcd screen

Our Spaces

From the sea-side to your own spare study. We have a Genius space for you! All Genius co-working spaces have electronic access, wifi and an environment that will help you thrive.

Ferrymead is for the ’lifestylers’, a bit of a mixed bag of creatives and professional services. One of the common themes is how they take their lifestyle seriously; when the swell is big, or it’s a bluebird day on the slopes, work takes a back seat.

Genius at home has been an idea on the back burner for a while. It wasn’t until the World went into #lockdown2020 that the need for a WFH package became so apparent. Genius Coworking partner and founder, Clint Selby has 30 years of experience implementing workspaces that work for some of New Zealand’s largest office spaces. Thanks to his company Ergostyle, Genius Coworking can now offer an ergonomic home office solutions to anyone WFH in New Zealand.

Become a Genius

With the way of working constantly changing we offer a wide range of memberships from single day passes through to large teams looking for a permanent space, we even have an at home package that can help with best of both worlds.

Become a Genius in three easy steps

Pick A Genius

1. Pick a space that suits you

Check out our spaces (virtually or drop in) and decide which suits you best.
Pick membership

2. Pick Your Membership

You’ve got your space, now pick a membership that meets your needs.

3. Become a genius

Last step is to hit the “Become a Genius” button on which ever Genius suits and complete the sign up.

Our Popular Memberships

We offer a range of memberships but these are our most popular.

part time


Just turn up


Grab a hot desk anytime



80 hours a month


 Unlimited refreshments


All Casual perks



Unlimited 24/7


Pick your own desk space


Includes all other perks



Unlimited 24/7


Private office space


Includes all other perks

Check out our spaces here

From the seaside to the CBD, we have a space to suit you. Alternatively fit out your home office/study with our new Genius At Home membership.