One question on our FAQ page asks:

I love eating old fish. Can I?

The answer is no.  (To be more precise: nope)

If you’re the sort of person who even needs to ask about eating old fish, then we hate to break it to you but you’re probably not going to be a great coworker. At Genius, our coworkers respect those around them and, to be fair, there isn’t much that’s respectful about eating old fish.

While we’re on the subject, we might as well go over a few of the other things that make a coworker a good one.

Good coworkers turn up. By doing so, they become an integral part of our community and we value them for it.

Good coworkers seek out those with common interests and are keen to learn from them, and eager to share their knowledge as well.

Good coworkers also seek out those with who they have little in common. It’s all about appreciating that everyone has different strengths and skills. Our tightknit community becomes even closer as a result.

Good coworkers keep the volume down when they’re taking phone calls. They’re aware that a loud voice does not a harmonious coworking space create.

Good coworkers clean up after themselves. Those that don’t must wear a t-shirt emblazoned with the words: Your Mother Doesn’t Work Here, Clean Up After Yourself.

Good coworkers laugh politely at lame jokes like: Your Mother Doesn’t Work Here, Clean Up After Yourself.

Good coworkers offer advice and a helping hand when others need it.

Good coworkers attend events and social gatherings in the interests of camaraderie.

Good coworkers smell nice. No one wants to be known as a BOworker.

Good coworkers treat other workers with kindness and respect. (Not eating old fish within 100 metres of them is a big part of this, just saying.)

Good coworkers put things back where they took them from.

Good coworkers respect each other’s space.

If you could sum up everything on that list and express it in one word, it would be this one: consideration.

In three words, it would be this: consideration for others.

Our coworking space brings together people from all walks of life. Some are shy, some are extroverts. Some work in creative fields, some are involved in less colourful pursuits. Some bring a packed lunch, others go out. It’s all of our differences that make us the great community we are, but consideration is the common thread that ties us together. If you can grasp that concept without having to grab a dictionary to see what “consideration” actually means, then you’ll feel right at home here.