Our coworking spaces feature a diverse cast of characters. It’s what makes our world go round. Without different personalities from all sorts of backgrounds, things around here would be far less interesting. We don’t want that.

We want to create a vibrant and colourful community.

A bit like Woodstock but with better toilet facilities.

If you’re curious about joining us, and even more curious about some of the characters you’ll encounter while you’re here, let us make a few brief introductions.

1. Introverts

There’s this misguided notion that you have to be the outgoing type to be a member of a coworking space. Actually, that’s not true. We have a few quiet and shy types working with us. They tend to hire space in broom cupboards where no one will see them. Actually, that’s not true either.

2. Extroverts

They’re outgoing but not unbearable. Our resident extroverts appreciate that this is a working space and they subdue the volume so everyone can work. Their shirts are often louder than they are.

3. Hipsters, hopsters and hamsters

We love our hipsters and our hopsters. (Hopsters are just like hipsters but with an added fondness for craft beer. So we probably love them a little bit more than our hipsters, just quietly.) But we don’t love hamsters, so please leave them at home.


4. Corporate types

They dress like they mean business.

5. Creative types

They dress like they’ve just dived into a pool of Dulux colour charts.  They often borrow shirts from our extroverts.

6. Coffee snobs

Go and ask them if they’d like a cup of International Roast. Go on. We dare you.

7. Really, really brainy people

Smart people doing PHDs and Masters and Doctorates and brainy stuff like that. They’re so bright we no longer need light bulbs.

8. Night owls

These are the people who come in while everyone else is leaving. (We’re not brave enough to ask what they do while no one else is looking.)

9. Social animals

These are the people who start talking about Friday night drinks from about Tuesday morning. If you need directions to the bar, you know who to ask.

10. Circus animals

No. That would be politically incorrect. Besides, elephants wouldn’t fit through the door. (We’ve tried)

11. Celine Dion fans

We’re not allowed to discriminate so yes, they’re here too. All one of them.

In our coworking spaces, diversity is unity.

We join together in an inclusive community, and even though there’s a “chalk and cheese” element about our membership, it works.

Just why it works?

Well, we haven’t figured that out yet. I guess we should ask our really, really brainy people.