Welcome to Ferrymead Co-Working


Is filled to the brim with lifestylers, if the swell is big the office is small. The GC’s of this office play as hard as they work.


Membership Options

Drop-in Day Pass

Only need the odd day here and there? In town once or twice a month and need a cool space? This where to start.

Casual Membership

40 hours access per month
Want a space to work from every now and then? This is a great entry level option.


Regular Membership

80 hours access per month
Great for those working for themselves part-time and only need a couple of days a week.


Flexi Membership

160 hours per month
Full-time hot-desking for those who don’t need a permanent desk


Permanent Membership

24/7 site access

Perfect for individuals working full-time.


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2/ 1091 Ferry Road,
Ferrymead, Christchurch New Zealand

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1091 Ferry Road,
Ferrymead, Christchurch New Zealand

Woods Mill Level 2 14 Wise Street,
Addington, Christchurch New Zealand

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